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Products :: Janitorial Supplies

Bio Aqua Mop
Bucketless wet mopping system.

Corridor Sweep
Modocrylic dust control mop, 24" & 36" complete.

Durable Round Mop
Industrial strength colour-coded round mop.

Flat Mop Adjustable Handle
Adjustable handle to suit flat mop frame.

Flat Mop Frame
Flat mop system frame.

Flat Mop Microfibre Cover
Loop end, colour-coded, microfibre flat mop covers.

HLM - Ezi Wring
HLM colour-coded mop, available in blue, green, yellow & red.

Microfibre Flat Mop
Microfibre flat mop 600mm.

Microfibre Round Mop
100% pure microfibre round mop with colour-coded ferrule and band.

mop - Oates
350gm Oates contractor

Mop - Oates
750gm Oates contractor

Large area scissor style dust control mop.

Wet System Flat Mop Cover
Clean & dry flat mop microfibre covers, red, blue, yellow & green.

Wet System Flat Mop Frame
Wet system flat mop collapsible frame only.