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Products :: Chemicals

Alpine soap powder
Premium grade laundry powder boosted with D-limonene and optical brighteners.

Anti Static
Use as an anti-static spray

Heavy duty powdered bleach for use in commercial laundries

Commercial Liquid Alkali Detergent
A highly alkaline detergent for use in commercial laundries.

Commercial Liquid Emulsifier
Liquid emulsifier for the removal of greasy type soiling.

Commercial Liquid Laundry Detergent
Commercial grade laundry detergent which softens & brightens clothes with machine or hand wash.

Commercial Liquid Sour Soft
A pink liquid designed for commercial laundries to sour wash bringing down pH levels.

Eucalyptus Soap Powder
Concentrated laundry powder with a eucalyptus fragrance.

Fabric Softener
Final rinse softener with a fresh country garden fragrance for improving fabric texture.

Pre wash stain remover.

Lemon Soap Powder
A concentrated laundry powder with a lemon fragrance.

Liquid Bleach

Liquid Laundry
Concentrated liquid laundry containing emulsifiers, water softeners & penetrating agents.

Powerwash Sachets
125 x 40g individual laundry powder sachets per carton.

Safety Bleach
Colour safe bleach.