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Bio-Green Apple
Concentrated pH neutral manual dishwashing detergent with a pleasant apple fragrance.

A liquid chlorine detergent with heavy duty sanitizing properties. AQIS approved for use in the meat, marine & associated industries.

Chlorinated powder for use in dishwashers. Also an excellent de-stainer for cutlery & crockery. AQIS approved.

Auto Dishwasher Detergent.

Hospital Grade
Heavy duty detergent with a clinical fragrance. AQIS approved.

Linga Longa
A powerful detergent/ sanitizer/deodorant with a bubble gum fragrance.

Lustral Bio Det
Manual dishwashing detergent.

Rinse Aid
Rinsing agent used in final rinse cycle to prevent streaking. Can be used in conjuction with total rinse through a dispenser.

Squeeky Green
Manual dishwashing detergent.

Bio- degradable manual dishwashing liquid.

Total Rinse
Liquid detergent specifically designed for use with an automatic dispenser.

Heavy duty manual dishwashing detergent.