Products :: Janitorial Supplies

HACCP Australia Food Safety certification, white disposable apron, pack of 50

Beard Cover
HACCP Food Safety Certification, white double looped disposable beard cover, pack of 100

21" crimped disposable beret, available in white, blue or red, pack of 100

Lab Coat
Disposable polypropylene lab coat, Velcro enclosure, no pocket, pack of 50

P1 Dust Mask
Suitable for protection down to 1 micron, such as dust & mist, pack of 10

P2 Dust Mask
Suitable for protection down to 0.3 micron, such as toxic dusts including asbestos, welding fumes & smoke, pack of 10

Shoe Covers
Blue gloshie shoe cover made from CPE embossed film, providing high water resistance, 100 per pack

Sleeve Protectors
Disposable sleeve protectors made with polypropylene, 40cm in length, 100 per packet, available in white